The Newport Remembrance Dragon is a project aimed at engaging young people in the history of the First World War during the commemoration of its centenary. Each primary school in Newport, Wales, will be invited to participate and contribute. Each school will be asked to research and present some information on a First World War Soldier or Home Front Participant who has a link with Newport. This could be someone remembered on a memorial, buried in one of the local cemeteries, a relative of one of the pupils or a local person researched from the archives.

Each school will be offered a free 2-hour workshop with the project coordinator to help get their research going. There is also a resource book full of tips, information and support on how to get your research going. There will also be a follow up session and general support via email and phone.

In addition to this resource schools will have the chance of a Riverfront Tour and a First World War film screening. Furthermore, at the end of the project there will be a memorial dragon (the size and design of the Super Dragon 2) that has selected images and words from the each schools research. We also have a name and design the dragon competition, details to be posted soon.

There will also be a memorial book, presented to each school that contributed, at the end of the centenary. This will also contain selected material from the pupil’s research. Finally, it is hoped a special remembrance service will also be held, with the completed dragon, where all participants will be invited.

And of course this very special Dragon Blog that we would like schools will contribute snippets of their research to.

Should you like to get involved please contact us for further information

Thank you

The Dragon Keeper




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