A New Look

The Dragon has been telling me that he would like a new look! I was a bit shocked when he first said this because I did not know that dragons could change their ‘look’. But he tells me that some of them can. The dragons that can change their look are very, very special and there are not many of them about.

These dragons are a bit like a snake – they can shed their skin and make a new one. But the dragon has a special power that the snake does not – he can make his new skin turn into a different colour or have different patterns on it. He can make his new skin look anyway he likes – black with pink spots on if he wanted to (but I don’t think he would like that idea!).

Once he has decided on a new look and he changes his skin he won’t be able to change it again for another 100 years. So he has to think very hard about what his new skin will look like.

He would like you to help. Do you have any ideas of what his new skin could look like?

I have attached a picture of the dragon here –  Dragon’s New Look- Competition – for you to download and add your ideas. Don’t forget he is the Remembrance Dragon so you might want to think about that when you are coming up with his new look. Also, this has to last him for 100 years, so we need to think hard about something good that will look awesome for a long time.

Thanks for your help

The Dragon Keeper

PS Don’t forget about his name as well! You could add that onto your picture.