The Beginning

Welcome to my first ever post on behalf of the Newport Remembrance Dragon.

As you know Dragons are not able to write so I have been given the job of posting his messages and updates to you.

He has told me that he is honoured to have been chosen for this special job of remembrance at this important time – learning about the experiences of those who fought, died or lived through the First World War.

He hopes very much that you will share all the stories and experiences that you have learned with him.

I don’t like calling the Dragon ‘Him’ very much, but he has never been given a name. He has always been called by his Latin name of Draco, but I think he would like something a bit different now. If you have any ideas let me know and I am sure he will think them over. But I must tell you, Dragons like to think for a long time and it might be a very, very long time before he decides if he likes the new name or not.

My job is to make sure the Dragon is looked after and happy. I am a bit like a zookeeper but I don’t look after tigers or elephants, I get the special job of looking after a Dragon.

Good luck with your research!

The Dragon Keeper